Winter weather forecast causes school closures Friday throughout Israel

//Winter weather forecast causes school closures Friday throughout Israel

Winter weather forecast causes school closures Friday throughout Israel

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The Education Ministry announced school closures throughout the country on Friday in light of the renewed inclement weather.

In the South, classes were cancelled in Arad, Har Hebron Regional Council, and in the Tamar Regional Council.  In the Jerusalem region, classes were cancelled in Efrat, Har Adar, Kiryat Arba, Beit El, and the Gush Etzion Regional Council.

The Jerusalem Municipality also announced the cancellation of all day care centers, preschools and schools in the city due to the expected cold weather and renewed snow accumulation. The municipality said the decision was made in coordination with the local parent’s association.

Meanwhile, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem cancelled all classes and work on Friday.

In Safed, the municipality said it would only announce school closures at 6 a.m., following an assessment of the situation.

The Mevaseret Zion municipality announced on their Facebook page Thursday, following criticism by many parents over the cancellation of schools in the municipality, that classes would resume on Friday though it would only make a final announcement at 7AM, following an assessment of the situation.

On Thursday, the Jerusalem Municipality was also criticized by many parents for announcing at 6 a.m. that classes would resume as scheduled on Thursday beginning at 10 a.m..

“The manager of the operations room of the parent’s association recommends that every parent decide whether to send their children to preschool or school according to the conditions and personal abilities,” the Jerusalem Parent’s Association wrote on its Facebook page on Thursday.

“We understand that on the one hand some of the parents are unhappy with the decision, and on the other hand some parents are satisfied.  As such, we suggest that parents make individual decisions in order to pass these cold days without any casualties,” the association wrote.

Earlier this week, Michal Cohen, director-general of the ministry, instructed the education system to prepare for the stormy weather.

As part of its preparation efforts, the ministry opened operation rooms in Jerusalem districts on Tuesday to closely monitor developments and respond as required. The ministry is also operating a telephone hotline for the public, though it requested that parents contact local authorities regarding school closures.

School principals should consult with the education departments at local authorities and with representatives of the education ministry as needed to assess the situation and decide whether to cancel classes, the ministry instructed.

The ministry also announced that on Wednesday through Friday all school trips to areas with expected snow or flooding will be cancelled and redirected to alternate locations.

For further information contact the Education Ministry hotline: 1-800-250-025.