We ourselves will never take the path of self-isolation – Vladimir Putin

//We ourselves will never take the path of self-isolation – Vladimir Putin

We ourselves will never take the path of self-isolation – Vladimir Putin

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On Ukraine and Western opinion

We don’t
need to go politicking right now, to hand out loud and empty promises. Rather,
we need to offer aid to the Ukrainian economy, under reforms, of course,” Putin

will not yield to Western pressure in Ukraine, he added, stressing that “we
have the right to ask what all this tragedy in Ukraine is for. Was it really
impossible to resolve our issues, even contentious issues, through dialogue
within a legal framework and through legitimate processes?”

now they are trying by every means to convince us that this is a competent,
well-balanced policy, which we must mindlessly and blindly obey. That is not
going to happen,” Putin said in his address to the Federal Assembly.

On relations with the United States

The U.S.
continues to have an influence on Russia’s relations with its neighbors, Putin

State Duma Speaker: We are committed to keeping channels of dialogue open

How the West plays good cop, bad cop

“It is no
accident that I mention our American friends, as they are always influencing
our relations with our neighbors either directly or behind the scenes.
Sometimes you don’t even know who to talk to – the governments of certain
countries or directly to their American patrons,” Putin said.

president pointed out what he saw as the Americans’ double standards, remarking
that the U.S. only remembers international law when it stands to gain from
doing so.

the role and significance of the international law we talk about so much, it should
not be tailored to fit the tactical interests of some, in contradiction to
fundamental principles and common sense, while they consider everyone around
them to be poorly-educated people who don’t know how to read or write,” Putin

On the policy of containment against Russia

the sanctions, Putin said the policy of containment against Russia is not
connected with the events in Ukraine. According to him, it has been ongoing for
many years.

 Western sanctions could cost Russia up to $170 billion, say analystsWestern sanctions could cost Russia up to $170 billion, say analysts

Why Putin is winning the new Cold War

remember very well who supported separatism and even outright terror here and
how they supported it, practically out in the open. I called them murderers
whose hands were stained with blood, not just rebels. I took them to a higher
level,” Putin said.

“We were
left with no doubts that they would have been glad to let the Yugoslavia
scenario of disintegration happen here, and dismemberment with all the tragic
consequences. That didn’t happen. We didn’t allow it,” he added.

On the arms race

work continues on the creation of a global U.S. missile defense system,
especially in Europe. That is a threat to the security not only of Russia, but
of the entire world because of its potential disturbance to the strategic
balance. I won’t go into details here, but I will say one thing: We have no
intention of being drawn into a costly arms race. That said, we will ensure a
reliable and guaranteed defense capability for our country under any
conditions,” Putin said.

On the sanctions

ourselves will never take the path of self-isolation, xenophobia, suspicion,
and the hunt for enemies. That is all a sign of weakness, while we are strong
and confident. Our goal is to acquire as many equal partners as possible in
both the West and the East,” Putin said.

“We see
how rapidly the Asia-Pacific region has been moving forward in the last few
decades. As a Pacific power, Russia will fully utilize this huge potential,” he

to Putin, while Russia will never sever ties with the Europe or U.S. “we will
restore and expand traditional ties with the South American continent and
continue cooperating with Africa and the Middle Eastern countries.”

On economic liberalization

suggested locking the current tax system in place and not changing it for the
next four years so that entrepreneurs can breathe easy and not fear any
unpleasant surprises from the government.


How Russian military might is eroding the Western alliance

He also
promised to grant full amnesty for offshore capital on the condition that it is
brought back to Russia.

also addressed the topic of bureaucracy, assuring that Russia would soon adopt
measures to prevent excessive control over business operations. “The government
should adopt all the necessary solutions for switching to this system in 2015,”
he said.

to Putin, Russia’s top banks are to receive capital from the National Welfare
Fund so they can lend to investment projects in the real economic sector.

our resources, primarily from the National Welfare Fund, I propose implementing
a program to recapitalize the leading domestic banks. Money would be provided
to them on principal conditions and go towards lending to the most valuable
projects in the real economic sector at affordable interest rates,” he explained.