US, Japan, S. Korea Sign Pyongyang Intel Pact

//US, Japan, S. Korea Sign Pyongyang Intel Pact

US, Japan, S. Korea Sign Pyongyang Intel Pact

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The United States, South Korea and Japan have agreed to share classified information concerning nuclear threats from Pyongyang.

According to the Pentagon, under the trilateral pact that went into effect Monday, the U.S. Defense Department will be the hub for that intelligence.

The pact will effectively link bilateral information-sharing agreements that already exist between the countries.

A spokesman for South Korea’s Defense Ministry said the countries won’t have to divulge all of their related classified information under the new pact. Each will determine what access is granted.

Seoul also called on Monday for new peace talks with North Korea in January. The countries have been divided since 1948.

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the proposal and asked Pyongyang to participate.

A U.N. statement said, “Renewed engagement and dialogue is the only way forward for building trust and promoting inter-Korean relations.”

There is no word yet on a response from North Korea.