Ukraine, Russia To Resume Gas Talks

//Ukraine, Russia To Resume Gas Talks

Ukraine, Russia To Resume Gas Talks

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Russia and Ukraine are set to resume talks in Brussels over a gas dispute that stems from overdue payments, a disagreement over price, and political pressures stemming from the Ukraine unrest.

The new round of negotiations comes after inconclusive talks October 21, when European Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger announced some progress but said a final deal has yet to be agreed.
Russia cut off gas deliveries to Ukraine in mid-June, citing a $5.3-billion debt.

Oettinger said that, as part of tentative deals, Ukraine planned to purchase some 4 billion cubic meters of Russian gas before the end of this year.

Russia on October 21 said the it would sell gas to Ukraine for $385 per 1,000 cubic meters, much lower than the $485 that Russia’s state-controlled Gazprom was demanding just weeks ago.
Moscow said that price would be in force from October 2014 until late March 2015 — but only if Ukraine pays in advance.

Based on reporting by AFP and AP