Total lunar eclipse to be partially visible in India

//Total lunar eclipse to be partially visible in India

Total lunar eclipse to be partially visible in India

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New Delhi: A total lunar eclipse, the second and last one of this year, will occur Wednesday, October 8.

Star gazers from India will be a little disappointed as they will be able to witness only its last stage as the moon will be below the horizon during most of the eclipse.

Though it’s a total eclipse, it would be visible partially in some parts of India and that too for a very short time time towards the end of the eclipse.

 “The eclipse of moon will begin at 1:43 PM IST when it will enter the penumbral shadow of the Earth. The totality of the eclipse will begin at 3:54 PM and end at 7:05 PM,” Director Nehru Planetarium, Nehru Centre Mumbai Arvind Paranjpye said. The celestial phenomenon will be visible in New Delhi for a few minutes-between 5.58 p.m. to 6.04 p.m.

The maximum eclipse will be seen at 4:24 PM and the totality will end on 4:54 PM and the moon will leave the penumbra at 7:04 PM, he said.

A total lunar eclipse happens when the moon is completely in the Earth’s shadow, and any light reaching the moon must first pass through the Earth’s atmosphere. Instead of reflecting sunlight, the shadowed moon is bathed in a red light that bends around our atmosphere.

The eclipse is the second in a rare series known as the tetrad, in which the moon is completely covered by the Earth’s umbral shadow for four eclipses in a row, as opposed to only partial eclipses that fall in the outer penumbra.

The first lunar eclipse of the year occurred on April 15.