This Pacifier Makes Taking Your Baby’s Temperature a Soothing Experience

//This Pacifier Makes Taking Your Baby’s Temperature a Soothing Experience

This Pacifier Makes Taking Your Baby’s Temperature a Soothing Experience

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Photo Credit: PR Screenshot, Pacif-i

Pacif-i is a smart pacifier that takes all the hassle out of taking a baby’s temperature. While novel, the real question is: how will parents respond to soothing their kids on technology?

With the advent of smart technology it’s becoming easier than ever for parents to enjoy parenthood without worrying or second guessing. This is especially true for new parents who, when in doubt, can turn to one of many gadgets to help them monitor, track and care for their little ones. And now thanks to Pacif-i, a smart pacifier which was on display at Sunday’s CES event, parents can simultaneously sooth their baby while tracking the little one’s temperature.

Tracking temperature in real time

Created by BlueMaestro, a UK based startup, Pacif-i consists of an in-built thermometer and Bluetooth chip. These are built into the pacifier’s teat, and send temperature readings to the Pacif-i app which is available for both iOS and Android. The feature makes it easy for parents to track their child’s temperature in real time, and to notice any significant changes. All readings are recorded on a graph, giving one a sense of how the child’s condition has changed over time. These can also be shared easily with doctors.

To ensure the accuracy of the Pacif-i, BlueMaestro recommends taking two readings initially: one using the pacifier and the other a more traditional method such as an ear thermometer. This is because oral temperature readings tend to be less accurate than other methods. You would then manually adjust the Pacif-i reading according to the other reading. Future readings will be adjusted automatically based on this initial reading.


Photo Credit: PR Screenshot, Pacif-i

The app has a host of other really useful features including the option to track when medication was last administered and to set dosage reminders. Using the app parents can also set the pacifier’s tracking alarm which will notify them when the pacifier has fallen out of the child’s reach or has been left behind.

Like any pacifier, the Pacif-i is waterproof and easy to wash. While convenient, the airtight seal used to protect the pacifier’s chip and thermometer means you can’t replace its battery. For most parents this shouldn’t be too inconvenient as it’s estimated that the battery will last between 12 to 18 months.

Launching the Pacif-i

The gadget was due to be released in June 2014, but is still unavailable. You can, however, pre-oder the pacifier via the BlueMaestro website. Since it’s considered a medical device, the company is waiting for it to be approved by European medical regulations. Approval is expected in February 2015, at which point the Pacif-i will be rolled out across Europe. The company also has plans to release the gadget in a range of other countries including the U.S. and Australia.

Just how smart are BlueMaestro’s smart devices?

BlueMaestro, which was founded in 2012 by Mohamad Foustok and Richard Hancock, is no stranger to smart devices having previously launched Temp, a temperature, humidity and barometric pressure monitor. However it’s clear from the company’s website that they’re aiming to play a significant role in this space with many smart devices in the works. These include the Multi-Sensor Tag – for monitoring temperature, humidity, pressure and light – Health Scales as well as the Weather Station gadget for tracking the weather.

Pacif-i stands out in that it is the company’s first connected medical healthcare solution. And while the product may be novel, the true test will be how parents respond. After all, they’d be shoving a piece of technology in their child’s mouth.


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  • The thermometer pacifier is not a new idea. As a pharmacist in the 80s and 90s I sold quite a few.

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