This Creepy Scarecrow Prank Will Give You Nightmares

//This Creepy Scarecrow Prank Will Give You Nightmares

This Creepy Scarecrow Prank Will Give You Nightmares

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Scarecrows have the word “scare” in their names, but we all know nothing is actually scary about them. Maybe if you were a crow, but if you’re reading this, we’re assuming that you’re not so we can all agree that they’re not scary. Right? Ok, good…

Now, this clip is going to turn that truth on its head. In this “Silly Scarecrow Prank” video that came to us just in time for Halloween, the scarecrow brings the terror in a big way when he pulls off his hood to reveal a blood-thirsty zombie underneath.

We happen to scare very easily, so it probably wouldn’t have mattered what was underneath that cute little scarecrow getup, we would have freaked out either way, but that zombie makeup is utterly terrifying.

Here’s the setup, the people think they’re posing for a pic with this:

Only to discover that they’re getting all huggy for a photo op with THIS:

See what we mean? Of course, when you get scared it’s never funny, but watching other people get the s**t scared out of them happens to be hilarious. Enjoy!

(h/t People)

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