Suspected Russian air strikes kill 23 civilians in Syria’s rebel-held Douma …

//Suspected Russian air strikes kill 23 civilians in Syria’s rebel-held Douma …

Suspected Russian air strikes kill 23 civilians in Syria’s rebel-held Douma …

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Suspected Russian air strike in Douma, Syria

Syrians walk on a dusty street in rebel-held Douma following air strikes by suspected Russian planes. (AFP)

At least 23 Syrian civilians have been killed in suspected Russian air strikes on a rebel-held town outside Damascus, an activist monitoring group says.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group opposed to the Assad regime, said the strikes on the rebel district of Douma hit the centre of the town where markets are regularly held.

They appeared to have been carried out by Russian planes participating in an aerial campaign that began on September 30, the Britain-based group said.

Rebels in Douma, which lies in the opposition stronghold of Eastern Ghouta, regularly fire rockets into the capital and the area is frequently the target of government air strikes and shelling.

The Observatory said at least six children and seven women were among the dead and that the toll could rise further because of the number of people seriously wounded.

An AFP journalist saw rescue workers trying to put out fires and several vegetable carts that had spilled onto the streets, their wares mixed with the rubble from damaged buildings.

Last month, at least 70 people were killed in a single day of bombing on the town, according to Doctors Without Borders.

In August, 117 people were killed in one day of air raids, causing a global outcry.

Assyrian Christians ‘freed by Islamic State’

Meanwhile, the Islamic State group freed a group of Assyrian Christians who had been taken hostage in north-eastern Syria, an NGO said.

The group consisted of 27 women and 10 men, most of them elderly, the Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights.

IS capitalising on Syrian horrors

As long as the West fails to act against the Assad government, Islamic State will continue to flourish, writes Middle East correspondent Sophie McNeill.

They arrived Saturday morning in the town of Tal Tamr in the Khabur region of Hasakeh province in northeastern Syria, the group said.

The releases were confirmed by the Observatory, which said most of those freed were from other towns in Khabur.

The former hostages were among a group of 220 Assyrians captured by IS when they overran parts of the region in February.

Since then, a trickle of prisoners has been released, with between 140 and 150 believed to be still held by IS.

The Assyrian Monitor said the releases were the result of negotiations carried out by the church, but other reports suggest IS had been paid to free the hostages.

Assyrians numbered about 30,000 among Syria’s 1.2 million Christians before the country’s conflict began.

Russia, Syria’s government and a US-led coalition are all carrying out bombing in Syria, sometimes in the same areas.