SpaceX aims to resume launches in November

//SpaceX aims to resume launches in November

SpaceX aims to resume launches in November

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SpaceX is aiming to resume flights in November following a launch pad fire that destroyed a Falcon 9 rocket and an Israeli communications satellite.

The company has not said how much damage the blast caused to the launch pad and ground support equipment. The accident destroyed the $200 million satellite owned by Israel’s Space Communication Ltd.

SpaceX previously said a nearly-completed second launch site in Florida, located at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC), would be finished in November. The pad was last used to launch NASA’s space shuttles five years ago.

NASA on Tuesday said it had no reservations about SpaceX flying at KSC. The first flight from would be a Falcon 9 rocket which would most likely fly in the first quarter of 2017. SpaceX has a backlog of more than 70 missions, worth more than $10 billion. Before the Sept 1 accident, Falcon 9 rockets had flown 27 times successfully and failed once.