Screening in place for Ebola in Australia

//Screening in place for Ebola in Australia

Screening in place for Ebola in Australia

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Everything is in place to deal with patients with Ebola-like symptoms in Australia, the government says.

Ebola has been detected outside Africa for the first time, with a Spanish nurse contracting the disease after treating two missionary workers who were working in Africa.

Health Minister Peter Dutton said screening processes were in place for travellers entering Australia from Africa or people who suspect they have the disease.

“There have been some presentations in hospitals around the country where obviously it has been proven that people don’t have Ebola,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

“People should be reassured by the fact that we have everything in place in this country to deal with somebody who may present, to quarantine (and) provide medical assistance to that person.”

Mr Dutton said Ebola was not simply transmitted through coughing or sneezing.

“There needs to be an exchange of bodily fluids; there needs to be that exchange for Ebola to be contracted,” he said.

More than 3400 people had died from Ebola in Africa as of last Friday, the World Health Organisation says.

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