RAF could launch air strikes on Isil within days

//RAF could launch air strikes on Isil within days

RAF could launch air strikes on Isil within days

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During visits to the region early this week, Mr Fallon will re-emphasise the
need for “an international response to the Isil threat”, sources

The UN General Assembly meeting on Wednesday will discuss the threat posed by

Britain has already deployed Tornado, Hercules and Voyager RAF planes to the
Akrotiri airbase in Cyprus to support humanitarian operations in northern
Iraq in response to the threat from Isil, as well as military personnel to
deliver “lethal aid” to Kurdish forces fighting the jihadists.

Vernon Coaker, the shadow defence secretary, said Labour would not support
military action in a Commons vote “if it was illegal, or you didn’t know
what the objectives were, or if there was no support from people in the

He told The Telegraph: “We will be responsible and react if the government
were to come forward with proposals but it is difficult until they do.”

Asked whether he thought military striked would be required, Mr Coaker said:
“Certainly, you have to combat the threat. What is the best way of doing
that is the question; whether it’s air strikes in support of the peshmerga.

“But if there is a military solution to this, then you need to hear the
arguments for it. Of course they are a threat and something we all regard as
abhorrent; a particularly vicous, brutal, horrific group that has no respect
for anyone.

“We need government to come to us and say this is what we are proposing and

Anna Soubry, a Conservative defence minister, has written to her constituents
in Broxtowe, Notts, telling them that there is a growing belief that Britain “should
be” part of the air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq and the
Levant (Isil).

“I believe there is a growing belief that we should be part of an armed
response but limiting any action to air strikes. I would be grateful for
your own views,” she said in a weekly constituency newsletter.

“Like everyone I was appalled and sickened to learn that David Haines, a
British aid worker had been brutally murdered by Isil and our thoughts and
prayers are also with the family of Alan Henning. Like David Haines, Alan
Henning was in Syria to do good.”

Mr Henning, an aid worker, is one of two British hostages currently held by
Isil. The other, John Cantlie, is a journalist.