Pope Francis Warns Against Religious Provocation

//Pope Francis Warns Against Religious Provocation

Pope Francis Warns Against Religious Provocation

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Pope-FrancisPope Francis has cautioned people on the possible consequences of insulting other people’s faith, noting that there was a limit to freedom of expression.

Weighing in on last week’s terror in Paris, France and the resulting debate over freedom of expression, Pope Francis said en route to Manila, Philippines, that “one cannot kill in the name of God”, adding that  “one cannot provoke or  insult other people’s faith.”

Terror first struck when two Islamic extremists gained entrance into the Charlie Hebdo magazine company and killed several people.

However the Pope did not mention Charlie Hebdo specifically, or its cartoon depictions of Mohammed, which many Muslims have regarded as offensive.

A previous cartoon was one reason the Paris magazine was targeted, after which its post-attack cover showed Mohammed again, crying and holding a sign with the rallying cry “Je suis Charlie,” French for “I am Charlie.”

In his speech, Pope Francis – referring to his friend Alberto Gasbarri – said if a friend “says a swear word against my mother, then a punch awaits him”.