Playboy Videos Featuring Donald Trump Come to Light

//Playboy Videos Featuring Donald Trump Come to Light

Playboy Videos Featuring Donald Trump Come to Light

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Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has appeared in at least two videos produced by Playboy magazine, CNN and other media outlets reported.

Trump was also interviewed by Playboy and appeared on the cover of the magazine in 1990.

The videos surfaced in the wake of recent Trump’s attacks on a former beauty queen and his history of derogatory remarks about women. Last week he advised his Twitter followers to “check out” a “sex tape” featuring Alicia Machado, with whom he has had a running feud since she won the Miss Universe pageant in 1996.

In a video from 1994, Trump is reportedly seen photographing fully-clothed models and interviewing a potential Playboy playmate. In the second video, from 2001, Trumped is filmed backstage at a Playboy fashion show with three playmates, one of them his current wife Melania Knauss.

While the scenes in which Trump appears do not contain nudity or sexually explicit content, other scenes in the videos do.

The Trump campaign declined to comment on the videos, CNN reported.

One of the models told CNN that she remembered Trump as being “thoughtful” and “respectful.” Jeff Cohen, a senior Playboy picture editor at the time, also said that Trump had been “very professional and businesslike” during the photo shoots.

Interviewing a potential playmate for the magazine’s 40th anniversary edition, Trump asked her to define the qualities that made her suitable for the role. “I believe that it’s not just beauty, I think it’s an attitude,” she said. “I think it has a lot to do with personality and an attitude.”

“Well I think you have what it takes, too,” Trump replied. “And I think everyone in this room thinks you have what it takes also.”

Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, is attempting to highlight his attitude towards women as a central campaign issue. It was she who first mentioned Machado during the first debate between the two candidates  attacking him for calling Machado “plumpy” and an “eating machine” after she won the pageant.

The latest CNN/ORC poll, conducted after the first debate, found that 62 percent of women viewed Trump unfavorably.