Pilot captured by ISIS after warplane crashes in Syria

//Pilot captured by ISIS after warplane crashes in Syria

Pilot captured by ISIS after warplane crashes in Syria

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  • ISIS militants with a captured Jordanian pilot. (Source: AP)
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Islamic State group militants have captured a Jordanian pilot after his warplane crashed in Syria while conducting airstrikes.

Activists monitoring the conflict said Islamic State group fighters shot down the warplane near the northern Syrian city of Raqqa, the group’s de facto capital.

Jordanian Information Minister Mohammad Momani told The Associated Press that the plane didn’t go down by itself.

“It is our expectation that the plane went down because of fire from the ground, but it is difficult to confirm that, with the little information we have,” he said.

The Raqqa Media Center published a photograph said to be of the pilot – in a white shirt, naked from the waist down and sopping wet – being pulled by gunmen out of what appeared to be a lake.

Another picture shows him surrounded by more than a dozen fighters, some of them masked.

The center said IS fighters are scouring the area in case there is a second pilot.

If the plane was shot down by the extremists it would be the first downing of an aircraft from the international coalition waging an air campaign against the group..

Meanwhile, a suicide bomber infiltrated a group of pro-government Sunni militiamen at a military base south of Baghdad as they gathered to get their paychecks. The bomber detonated his explosives, killing at least 24 militiamen and soldiers and wounding 55 others, police said.

In another attack, four civilians were killed and seven wounded when a bomb tore through an outdoor market in the town of Youssifiyah, 20 kilometres south of Baghdad. Both bombings bore the hallmarks of the Islamic State group.

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