Passengers Open Emergency Exit On Plane For AC

//Passengers Open Emergency Exit On Plane For AC

Passengers Open Emergency Exit On Plane For AC

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Desperate times call for desperate measures, and these overheated passengers on a domestic flight in Brazil wasted no time opening up the emergency exit on their plane to get some fresh air.

Luckily, the plane was still on the ground when the emergency exit was opened. No one was hurt, except for a few cases of angry headaches and severe sweating. 

The original flight, which was planned to fly from Rio de Janeiro to San Paolo, had a broken air conditioner which made the passengers feel as though they were in a giant sauna with wings.

Because it is now summertime in Brazil, it is no wonder that the plane was so hot. Even the cabin crew was complaining, which led to the opening of a door that should never be opened unless its an emergency-and in the case of these passengers, it was no joke.

The plane was reportedly up to 40C while passengers waited on the runway. When it was obvious that no one was going to sit in that weather, the flight got moved to another plane where passengers could feel more comfortable.