Obama acts on Sony

//Obama acts on Sony

Obama acts on Sony

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Re the Jan. 2 Opinion article by Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker, The joke’s on us, but it’s not funny. Ms. Parker denounces President Obama for becoming involved in the infamous Sony hack that initially pointed towards North Korea.

She thinks this is a joke, even though North Korea maintains an elite team of computer hackers.

If Obama had ignored the cyber-crime, the right wing would be up in arms, claiming that Obama is naive at best, ignorant at worst. When Obama gets involved, it’s a joke.

“Into this arena our president has placed himself, acting on intelligence that may or not be reliable,” Parker writes.

Remember the last time this happened, Kathleen?

I’m sure you remember al Qaida and mushroom clouds, when the right wing press marched in George W. Bush’s parade to a war that was based on “intelligence that may or not be reliable.”

Tim Turman, Cutler Bay