New York marches in solidarity with France

//New York marches in solidarity with France

New York marches in solidarity with France

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Hundreds of people holding pens aloft in support of free expression rallied in New York City on Saturday to mourn victims of a deadly terror attack targeting satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

The demonstrators braved freezing temperatures in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park as a woman danced under a sign that read “Je suis Charlie.”

“I am Charlie” has emerged as a rallying cry since two shooters killed 12 people on Wednesday at the Paris headquarters of the weekly. Organisers said they were showing solidarity with the French after three days of violence that, all told, left 20 dead, including three gunmen.

Ollivier Souchard, a French-born New York resident, who brought his family and friends, explained the fierce support for freedom of expression behind Charlie Hebdo’s provocative images.

“Satirical cartoons are essential to us, they’re essential to France. We were raised with great cartoons, but you Americans don’t like to hurt people with cartoons but you should hurt people!”

“Charlie Hebdo would not exist in America,” Mr. Souchard said.

Mr. Souchard said he has been in touch with his friend Philippe Lancon, a Charlie Hebdo columnist, who is recovering from surgery after being shot in the face in the attack.

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