Martin Amis Holocaust novel rejected by publishers

//Martin Amis Holocaust novel rejected by publishers

Martin Amis Holocaust novel rejected by publishers

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Alternative French publisher picks up new book, set in fictionalized Auschwitz, by famed British writer

A new book written by British writer Martin Amis and set in a fictionalized Auschwitz was rejected by the author’s French and German publishers, The Guardian reported Thursday.

“The Zone of Interest” is narrated from the points of view of three concentration camp commanders and was declined by Amis’s German publisher Hanser, who claimed the book was not “sufficiently convincing,” according to The Guardian. However, German literary critics said the book was rejected because it was “too frivolous” for the publisher.

Amis said in an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that Hanser turned down the book based on merit and not because of the Holocaust-related subject.

French publisher Gallimard also reportedly decline to publish Amis’s book but did not provide any reasons for its decision.

Another French publishing house – Calmann-Levy – has agreed to publish Amis’s latest novel in September 2015.

Deborah Kaufmann, Amis’s new editor with the publisher, said that “The Zone of Interest” is “a good book, and there’s nothing like it. And it’s not a comedy.”

Kaufmann also said that Calmann-Levy was “delighted” to be working with Amis, whom she described as “one of the top intellectual writers in Britain.”