Liberia reopens Ebola-fear slum

//Liberia reopens Ebola-fear slum

Liberia reopens Ebola-fear slum

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People celebrate on the streets outside a slum which had been closed off in a attempt to control the Ebola outbreak, in Monrovia, Liberia (AP)
Friends embrace each other on a street outside the West Point slum after it was reopened (AP)

Crowds are cheering and celebrating in the streets after Liberian authorities reopened a slum where tens of thousands of people were barricaded amid the country’s Ebola outbreak.

Information minister Lewis Brown said lifting the quarantine does not mean there is no Ebola in the West Point slum.

But he added that authorities feel confident they can screen for the sick and that the community is now actively fighting the disease.

The slum of 50,000 people in Liberia’s capital was sealed off more than a week ago, sparking unrest and leaving many without access to food or safe water.

Liberia has been the hardest-hit of the five countries with Ebola cases in West Africa. Senegal announced its first case yesterday.

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