l ‘Accomplice’ in Syria l Protest march today

//l ‘Accomplice’ in Syria l Protest march today

l ‘Accomplice’ in Syria l Protest march today

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Police and security services in France are desperate to track down the country’s most wanted woman, who is described as “armed and dangerous”.

Boumeddiene, 26, the girlfriend of Amedy Coulibaly, is understood to have travelled to Syria via Turkey.

It is unclear when she fled from France, with some reports suggesting she may have left even before the attacks began.

Meanwhile, about 700,000 people have taken part in marches across France after the deadly attacks. They were held in Paris, Orleans, Nice, Pau, Nantes and other towns and cities, to commemorate the victims.

A huge security operation will protect unity marches in France tomorrow. More than 1300 troops and 2000 police would be deployed to protect up to a million marchers.