Israel Holding Ebola Training at Ben Gurion Airport

//Israel Holding Ebola Training at Ben Gurion Airport

Israel Holding Ebola Training at Ben Gurion Airport

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The Jewish state is holding an Ebola identification training exercise at Ben Gurion Airport.

The exercise today will simulate the arrival of a passenger with the disease, including initial questioning as well as evacuation and hospital treatment procedures.

On Thursday evening, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held additional consultations to evaluate the readiness of state agencies readiness to fight Ebola.

Netanyahu also ordered that preparations be increased at all entry points into Israel including preventive measures, such as taking the temperature of passengers arriving from areas in which there is concern over the spread of Ebola.

A meeting of top Health Ministry officials decided this week that any Ebola cases detected in Israel will be quarantined and treated at either Tel Aviv’s Sheba Hospital or at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, the Times of Israel reported.

The news came after the launch of an Israeli app–About Ebola is the first Android application that has Jola, a language used in the more affected areas as a language option. In some affected areas, residents have downloaded the app, about 5,000 times, helping villages understand why Ebola is a problem.

Asaf Kindler of Snapp said, “Using Snapp, anyone can build an app by clicking on a few buttons on their mobile device, so it was easy for the volunteers to install the languages into their app.” On the subject of helping villages, Kindler said, “So when they tell villagers that they should be doing a lot of washing with soap and water – one of the methods the app lists as a way to prevent Ebola – the villagers are likely to listen.”