Israel election updates / Herzog slams PM over Comptroller’s report

//Israel election updates / Herzog slams PM over Comptroller’s report

Israel election updates / Herzog slams PM over Comptroller’s report

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Latest political summary: The Central Election Committee has decided that Netanyahu’s speech in Congress, slated for March 3, will be broadcast with a five-minute delay to prevent campaign propaganda. Read full story here

Meanwhile, the Zionist Union considered asking senior campaign officials to take lie detector tests in an effort to learn who has been leaking information to the media.

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Latest updates:

9:10 P.M. Herzog slams PM over Comptroller’s report

Zionist Camp leader Isaac Herzog, responding to the State Comptroller’s report on expenses at the Prime Minister’s residence, said “Netanyahu owes a reckoning to the Israeli public” on Tuesday.

The Zionist Camp leader called the report “Severe,” stating that he “has full faith in the ability of the relevant authorities to know how to handle it.”

“The only thing that surprises me is that on a day like this,” said Herzog hours after the report was made public, “is that the prime minister felt no need to stand before the public and personally face the difficult allegations that arise from the comptroller’s report in regards to his conduct and to the excessive spending of public money that is described in it.” (Haaretz)

4:00 P.M. Watchdog report blasts Netanyahus

The prime minister’s residences indulged in exorbitant cleaning, makeup and electrician expenses from 2009 to 2013 under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, State Comptroller Joseph Shapira said Tuesday in a long-awaited report.

The comptroller believes there is enough evidence to consider a criminal investigation, a spokesman for the comptroller’s office told Haaretz. Materials on work by a certain electrician, Avi Fahima, have been sent to the attorney general’s office after consultations with the state prosecution, the spokesman said. Full story

5:45 A.M. Report on Netanyahu’s expenses unlikely to affect election

Following last month’s media uproar over allegations that Sara Netanyahu had pocketed thousands of shekels worth of bottle deposits that should have gone to the state, both Likud and the rival Zionist Union conducted in-depth polls to determine the impact. What they discovered was that much of the public viewed the personal attacks on the Netanyahus as persecution, persuading his base to rally around him. (Jonathan Lis) Read full story here