iPhone 7: Does buying it serve any purpose at all?

//iPhone 7: Does buying it serve any purpose at all?

iPhone 7: Does buying it serve any purpose at all?

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Less than 24 hours ago, Apple Inc. CEO, Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 7 to the world. To put it modestly, the iPhone 7 reveal broke the internet. The latest model of Apple’s flagship device had a bunch of new features and improvements. Some of the most notable ones are the wireless earphones called AirPods and the removal of the audio jack. iPhone 7 also boasts of a longer battery life compared to its predecessors. Fans of the company have already started queuing in front of Apple stores across the world. The official launch may take a while, but die hard fans do not care. The latest phone is going to sell like hot cakes all over the world. However, let us take a look at whether it is worth buying or not.


Apple came out with several new “innovations” at this year’s launch. Some of them were the aforementioned AirPods and the removal of the audio jack. Others include a waterproof body, dual cameras and real time iNote editing. The only stunning upgrade is the processor. The new A10 processor makes the iPhone 7 about 128 times faster and stronger than the original iPhone.

Well, here is the deal. Nothing here is innovative. Moto already gave us its version of the AirPods a few years ago, Sony phones have been waterproof since ages. Google Docs have been doing what iNote has just started doing. Samsung phones have a better camera and HTC did the dual camera gimmick some time ago. Nokia in fact did all of these too, but the only issue was that the Windows store had half the number of apps that the Playstore and iStore have.

Apple followers have been hollering for quite a while that android based phone developers have been ripping Apple ideas off. Here you can clearly see that it is a two way street. Apple ripped them off this time.


After reading the above point, Apple followers can say that iPhone brings all these diverse features under one umbrella. It offers them the best of all the worlds. Well, yes, it does, but is it worth it? No, it is not. You can buy all the above mentioned phones for half the price of an iPhone.

So it is basically the Apple logo that is causing this overpricing. If you buy a phone at half the price of it, the only thing in which your device will marginally lag behind is the camera. With the advent of so many filters, even that is no longer a problem. Apple did use to offer everything in the past. However, everyone has caught up to it in the last few years. While the Android makers are giving heavy upgrades to their newer models, iPhone 7 is just a marginal upgrade from iPhone 6 all things considered.


If you are still wondering, then no, currently it is not. This new phone is far too overpriced for what all we have seen so far. The accessories like the AirPods are quite expensive too, costing about 150$. I am more than happy with my iPhone 5S which still has its audio jack and didn’t cost a bomb. Unless and until you want to risk it, do not buy it. iPhone 7 is quite similar to the iPhone 6. My suggestion will be to go for an iPhone 6 as the iPhone 7 is just a marginally upgraded version of the iPhone 6. If you want a really powerful and fast phone, then only go for the iPhone 7.

So what are your thoughts on iPhone 7? Do you think it is worth buying? Do let us know in the comments section below and please keep it civil.