IAI unveils collision warning system

IAI unveils collision warning system
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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has denounced a Collision Warning System (CWS) which, according to a company, will concede troops and polite aircraft to fly in undiluted atmosphere space with a high grade of safety.

The CWS was recently exam flown by an unnamed Western atmosphere force, and according to IAI, a agreement to yield a complement will be sealed in 2017.

Amit Haimovich, executive of selling and business growth during IAI’s Malam division, says CWS is a “lifesaving solution” designed to advise fight pilots in situations when intensity collision with blurb and municipal aircraft is imminent.

He explains that a CWS is formed on fluctuating a collision-warning functions of IAI’s EHUD range-independent air-combat manoeuvring orchestration systems.

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Israel Aerospace Industries

The CWS complement can guard public platforms and advise of a vicinity and risk of collision with blurb aircraft, and monitoring is achieved by formation of inquire friend/foe information and Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) reports.

Warnings are supposing in 3 opposite forms: voice; graphical denote on a inscription panel; and around black presented on existent cockpit displays.

The complement is designed for fighters, trainers, troops helicopters and unmanned atmosphere vehicles, a association says.

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