Harvey Weinstein Denies Smearing Selma

//Harvey Weinstein Denies Smearing Selma

Harvey Weinstein Denies Smearing Selma

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Harvey Weinstein Denies Smearing Selma

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While there is no doubt Harvey Weinstein campaigns hard ahead of Oscar season, he is the last guy, at least in his book, to do dirty tricks, and he certainly didn’t smear the film Selma, or his wife would not let him through the door, according to the NYDaily News.

Sure he might push for or against a film pretty hard, but he’s never been on the phone with reporters in the wee hours. According to the Deadline Hollywood, the producer said, “It has never been me. It’s complete bullshit. Will I wake a (reporter) at 4 in the morning? Sure, but I don’t say so and so is a bastard or their movie is inaccurate.”

Weinstein is best known for co-founding Miramax and then the Weinstein Company with his brother Bob. He is well-loved by many in showbiz; British actress Judi Dench is so fond of him, she apparently tattooed his name on her buttocks.

In addition to not trashing Selma because Harvey Weinstein never trashes films, Harvey Weinstein would never trash Selma because it would cause marital friction. He says his wife Georgia and Jessica, the wife of the Selma’s actor who played Martin Luther King Jr, David Oyelowo, grew up and went to acting school together. If Harvey had schmeared Selma “I’d be dead,” he said,” My wife would never let me come home.”

Selma a biographical film of Martin Luther King Jr’s civil rights marches, looked like a potential winner, until it was snubbed by the Oscars. Ava DuVernay would have been the first black woman to win best director.

Weinstein says he’d like to see Imitation Game get some awards, given that it is about an unfairly treated closeted gay man who broke codes essential to defeating the Nazis. “We never had a gay protagonist win best picture. It just doesn’t happen. The only thing close is probably Midnight Cowboy, but that was more of an anti-hero, I guess.”

Weinstein spoke about the hacking of Sony and how CEO Amy Pascal apologized in advance for insults directed at him in leaked emails. Weinstein was quite philosophical about the whole thing, and didn’t seem to be gloating. He called Sony producer Scott Rudin, who didn’t return his call. Weinstein had his own hacking headache as the Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight script was leaked on the internet. Tarantino made adjustments to the script that will “shock, surprise and delight” even those who read the unauthorized leak.