Germany’s test IO announces $5 million Series A financing

//Germany’s test IO announces $5 million Series A financing

Germany’s test IO announces $5 million Series A financing

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Photo Credit: test IO

Photo Credit: test IO

The company plans to use the funds to expand its business to the U.S. by opening a San Francisco-based office and re-branding

Every developer can tell you the frustration that buggy programming brings about, and finding testers can be just as aggravating. Thankfully, this German startup addresses both pain points.

test IO, a software crowdtesting platform for mobile and web developers, announced on Wednesday that they have raised a $5 million Series A round from Turn/River Capital, a San Francisco-based firm that invests in growing technology web and SaaS companies. With a relaunched website and a re-brand of the company, which was originally called testcloud, these new funds will be used to expand the company’s growth to the United States and other markets. This re-branding will also include the opening of a San Francisco-based office and an expansion of their already vast network of professional testers, which is more than 20,000 strong.

An already crowded market

Crowdtesting sites for developers have become more common as the development of mobile and web technology has grown as an industry. This means that test IO will have competition as it expands beyond its native Europe.

Peter Moran, a representative for test IO, explained to Geektime what sets them apart from the competition. “With many platforms, developers must go through an account manager, which slows the process. test IO’s differentiator is its self-service model. This allows developers to access thousands of testers around the world 24/7 and get results immediately to start fixing bugs that the crowd gets paid to find.”

This unique approach was what helped them earn such a large investment. Dominic Ang, founder and managing partner of Turn/River Capital, said in a press release, “test IO’s self-service approach to continuous testing through a crowd of thousands of expert testers has a distinct advantage as speed and flexibility are top priorities for application development and deployment today.”

test IO’s services extend beyond just testing. They also offer input on workflow, graphical user interface (GUI), and usability. This allows the developer to work continually to make their product better not just by finding bugs, but also in making their software into something that works and feels natural.

Ready to take on the world

When test IO originally launched in Germany as testcloud, its team was made up of veteran technologists and developers. Their clientele included names like Volkswagen, Red Bull, Thomas Cook, InnoGames, and Jack Wolfskin, among others.

All of this puts test IO in a distinct place to capture a growing market. Mobile and web development are a large part of the development business, with everyone from small businesses to large corporations getting involved.

Thomas Gruderich, test IO Co-Founder. Photo credit: testIO

Thomas Gruderich, test IO Co-Founder. Photo credit: testIO

test IO’s Chief Sales Officer and co-founder Thomas Gruderich explained in a statement that their advantage over other crowdtesting services is primarily their speed, high quality, and ease of use. “To meet this demand, our priority is to provide a platform that developers can easily manage themselves, yet tap into the speed, quality, and efficiency of crowdtesting. This funding and move to the U.S. will enable us to build on the great momentum we started in Europe and position us to capture further market-share within the massive app and software development landscape.”

test IO was founded by Thomas Gruederich, Frederik Fleck, and Jan Schwenzien, and has headquarters in Berlin Germany and offices in San Francisco. Their community of more than 20,000 professional testers includes people across 78 countries.

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