Five Lingering Questions About Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Disaster

Five Lingering Questions About Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Disaster
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It’s been scarcely dual days given Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was awkwardly forced to mislay her Miss Universe climax and give it to Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach, since speaker Steve Harvey announced a wrong winner. Yet a Internet is still buzzing about a incident, mostly since it was one of a some-more mortifying moments in TV history. But there are some legitimate questions in a aftermath:

1. Seriously, was it a broadside stunt?

That was a common arrogance after that too-perfect viral moment. Viewers weren’t a usually ones to now consider it was all a conspiracy. “When we found out that there was a mistake, we was like, ‘They did this on purpose for publicity!’” Miss Universe decider Perez Hilton pronounced on “Good Morning America.” “That’s how my mind works.”

Predictably, WME/IMG Chief Content Officer Mark Shapiro (the association bought a manifestation from Donald Trump this year) shot down that idea. “That’s only humorous. All we can do is only giggle that off,” he told Jim Rome on CBS Sports.

2. How will this impact Steve Harvey?

Maybe not during all! Except for being a laughingstock. Still, Shapiro insists he’ll be acquire behind again to horde a manifestation subsequent year. “I unequivocally wish him back, and we would hatred to see him not come back. He’s going to wish a shot to redeem himself,” Shapiro said.

Looks like repairs control is already happening: Although some are indicating to a TMZ news that shows Harvey gambling in Vegas before a pageant, “sources” tell E! News that Harvey was unequivocally obliged over a weekend and showed adult to each rehearsal.

3. Did a teleprompter unequivocally contend Miss Colombia was a winner?

After a incident, Harvey was shown on a Miss Universe Snapchat angry that a teleprompter review “Miss Universe – Colombia,” even yet his label pronounced Miss Philippines was a winner. The snap was fast deleted, so people pounced on this tidbit as some-more justification that a mistake was planned. Hilton pronounced that only wasn’t true: “Well, there is a prompter, though a impulse where he crowns a leader isn’t on a prompter, since that moment, they don’t wish a other girls to know,” he explained. “So it was only on his card, and he review it incorrectly.”

Miss Australia Monika Radulovic seemed to behind this up: “All a girls saw on a prompter, ‘Philippines, we competence now take your initial travel as Miss Universe,’ ” she told ABC News.

4. What happens now?

Well, other than everybody concerned apropos a lot some-more famous than they would have been but a mix-up, it competence only be a impulse that lives in Internet lore. Although people in Colombia are furious, and a Miami Herald reports one Colombian law organisation is formulation to sue a Miss Universe manifestation since “The climax is an acquired right that can't be taken divided from us.”

5. How is Miss Colombia doing?

Perhaps a small traumatized? Actually, she’s doing OK, People reports: The repository says Gutierrez is drifting down to Miami to spend Christmas with her family before going to Colombia, where she will residence a media about a aftermath.

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