Fasten your seat belts: The drive-through sukkah awaits

//Fasten your seat belts: The drive-through sukkah awaits

Fasten your seat belts: The drive-through sukkah awaits

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Quick stop

Quick stop

Preschool students and an SUV enjoy the drive-through sukkah at Har Zion Temple in Penn Valley, Pennsylvania.

Posted: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 5:57 pm

Fasten your seat belts: The drive-through sukkah awaits

JULIE WIENER | JTA News Features


We previously reported on the pedi-sukkah — essentially a tricycle rickshaw with a sukkah attached, designed to bring the holiday of Sukkot to the people.

But for those on-the-go types who prefer to travel through, rather than in, their (very) temporary dwelling, there’s another option: the drive-through sukkah.

Following the lead of Miami’s Bet Shira Congregation — which in 2009 opened what is believed to be the first drive-throughy sukkah — a suburban Philadelphia synagogue is this year touting its own car-friendly booth.

Har Zion Temple, which, like Bet Shira, is Conservative, is inviting motorists to stop in throughout the holiday (on yom tov as well as chol hamoed) and say the blessing over the lulav and etrog. The drive-through is in addition to a more traditional and, er, pedestrian sukkah on the other side of the synagogue.

Gavi Miller, the shul’s executive director, told JTA that drivers are welcome to bring the lulav and etrog into their car or to step outside and do the blessing. “The idea is to reach out to people where they are,” he said.

“This is another way to make the holiday a little more accessible,” he added. “Lots of people have memories of Passover seders, Hanukkah and Rosh Hashanah, but some don’t have Sukkot memories.”

Who knows? Some might even stop by after making a trip to the drive-through restaurant and then enjoy a full-blown meal in the sukkah.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014 5:57 pm.