Download The Updated Google+ App With New UI – Android Headlines

//Download The Updated Google+ App With New UI – Android Headlines

Download The Updated Google+ App With New UI – Android Headlines

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Yesterday Google announced quite the monumental update to its social based construct, Google+. The update was announced to be coming with a clearer focus on the Collections and Communities features that are offered within. However, as well as this focus, the entire UI seemed to be getting quite a hefty redesign. One which Google stated is designed to offer a much simpler level of usage regardless of which platform or device you are accessing Google+ from.

However, at the time of the announcement, the update was said to only be available for the web-based version of Google+ and users had to effectively opt in to be able to test out the new beta version. For those on Android, the announcement did detail that the update to the Android app would be rolling out in the coming days. Well, it looks like the update is rolling out quite soon after the initial announcement as it does already seems to be in the process of rolling out as we speak.

The update to the Google+ app brings the version up to 6.8 and as to be expected, brings with it the complete redesign and look of how Google+ is displayed. While it might look somewhat similar to the old version at first, the closer you look the quicker you will notice the subtle but useful differences now on offer. For instance, there is a new tab located at the bottom of the page which offers a quick route to various sub features of Google+. Like for instance, Communities and Collections. Again, highlighting that emphasis Google is now placing on these two features. While there is also other subtle improvements like the proper use of a slide out menu, which slides out over the top of the page more effectively. If you have been waiting to test out the new app then you can wait for it to arrive as an over the air update, although as to be expected with an OTA, they wont all arrive for all devices at the same time. Alternatively, you can pull the download form the link below and sideload to your device yourself.

Download Google+ v6.8 APK