Barbra Streisand and others wish Peres well

//Barbra Streisand and others wish Peres well

Barbra Streisand and others wish Peres well

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Amongst the plethora of get-well cards sent to Sheba Medical Center for former President Shimon Peres, one card brought out the family’s and the staff’s emotions like none other.



That message was written by international superstar Barbra Streisand, who sent a very meaningful, personal message.



Peres underwent a CT scan on Sunday, the results of which were encouraging, showing no worsening of his condition. The doctors then began a gradual process of reducing the amount of anesthesia the former president is under. However, Peres still remains on a respirator.


Peres and Streisand have a special relationship which reached its peak when she performed at his 90th birthday party. Streisand came to Israel especially for him and sang the song “Avinu Malkenu” for him—the song which he chose.






Dalia Rabin, daughter of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, also came to Sheba Medical Center to visit Peres and meet with his family.


Meanwhile, waves of support continue to come in from the public. Hardly a day goes by without a principal or school teacher arriving with a folder of pictures and notes from children wishing the former president a speedy recovery.


Peres’s family, especially his son Nehemia Peres, have been touched by the songs and well wishes, and issued a statement saying, “The well wishes and songs of the children of Israel are what strengthens our family at this difficult time. To all the friends of Shimon Peres in Israel and abroad, we would like to thank you for the waves of love and support, which strengthen us and give us optimism. May we get good news.”


According to the latest reports on Monday, Peres managed to raise his hands and was responsive to instructions from the doctors.