Average Holiday Shopper Still Has More Buying to Do

//Average Holiday Shopper Still Has More Buying to Do

Average Holiday Shopper Still Has More Buying to Do

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We all know that annoying person who has all of their holiday shopping done by the first week in December and can just relax for the rest of the month. Don’t feel badly that you’re only half done with your shopping this year, because most of us are in the same boat (or at the same mall, fighting for a parking place).

According to the latest Holiday Consumer Spending Survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, the average holiday shopper had completed only 52.9% of their shopping by December 10. That’s more than the 48.9% from last year, but it shows there are a lot of procrastinators among us.

Why do so many of us wait so long? NRF President/CEP Matthew Shay gave this explanation: “This year we witnessed ‘a tale of two holiday shoppers’ with many jumping on retailers’ early, hard-to-pass-up in-store and online promotions, and others waiting until the last minute to wrap up their lists.

“In the final stretch, retailers will continue to look for creative ways to attract those with shopping left to do by offering exclusive Super Saturday promotions, extending their in-store holiday hours and promoting deals on expedited shipping. We are optimistic the holiday season will end on a high note for retailers.”

So why do shoppers wait so long? The results of the survey showed that 46.8% were still trying to decide what they wanted to buy, 28.4% needed input from friends or family and 28.4% had other financial priorities that had to come ahead of holiday shopping.

Those who wait name two major excuses: 23.4% claim to be waiting for the best deals while 21.7% admit to just being a procrastinator.

One of the most interesting points revealed by the survey is that almost half (49.1%) of those who still have shopping to do plan to do some of it online. 44.3% plan to visit department stores, 30.1% discount stores, 22% clothing stores and 19.3% electronics stores.

All this procrastinating could bode well for shoppers because retailers are saving some of their best deals for the very end and staying open long hours to grab the last of the stragglers.

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