10 Ways To Boost iPhone Battery

//10 Ways To Boost iPhone Battery

10 Ways To Boost iPhone Battery

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The most common and talked about problem that iPhone users face is quick battery drainage. As the users tend to download a few apps, the usage of these apps, games or camera has a high effect on the battery life, for they consume a generous amount of battery life. Here are 10 effective tricks that may help users save iPhone’s battery from hitting the low level.

Switch On iOS 9 Low Power Mode

A great treat for iOS 9 users is the addition of Low Power Mode option, which helps regain extra battery time. The company claims the new feature would provide users to gain three extra battery hours which will immediately increase iPhone’s battery life. The new mode also helps in reducing power requirements when the user has only 20% battery life remaining.

However, the Low Power Mode is not a default option that turns on automatically, the user needs to switch it on manually. When iPhone’s battery hits a lower level, a flash up warning will pop up on the screen asking the user to switch on the Low Power Mode. After turning it on, the battery light automatically turns from red to orange.

Issue of low battery life has always been in limelight among iPhone users. This feature can surely change the dynamics of this issue, yet the biggest concern is whether the user can turn this option on according to his desire or he is supposed to wait till the battery hits low level. Here the user can find how to switch it on without reaching low battery:

Simply go to setting option Click on battery Turn on Low Power Mode

As soon as the option is switched on, it will automatically start off with reducing power consumption. Stopping Hey Siri, Mail fetch, even all background apps refresh, it will stop automatic download. Additionally, it will even control some visual effects resulting in great savage of battery life.

Decrease Screen Brightness

Every user loves to see a bright display but that large colorful screen is surely an enemy to the battery life. It kills more battery life than any other component possibly could. Usually people tend to choose the automatic brightness option available in many phones including iPhone. Even though the feature adjusts in accordance with the ambient life, it still tends to affect the phone’s battery life.

Every user, who faces battery life issues and is still a loyal iPhone fan, needs to sacrifice the phone’s vibrant brightness and decrease it to the lowest level. Doing so will result in a dramatic change in the phone’s battery life, as it extends automatically.

Which Apps Use Battery

It is always a wise step to understand the apps which drain the battery. There is a great way of finding the battery consumption of each app separately in both iOS 8 and 9. The user needs to go to iPhone’s settings and click on General, which will immediately open all general settings. Then click on Battery and scroll down; it will show a past record of 24 hours to even last seven days of all battery drainer apps.

It tells battery consumption of all apps, with which the user can then try avoiding and closing down apps accordingly. Many iPhone users claim to lose a heavy amount of battery life by using WhatsApp and Snapchat. So, in order to understand the consumption it is always advisable to check it.

In this regard, the most expected result on the top is Facebook that might follow Safari, as both these apps are pretty battery draining. Facebook has also confirmed its iOS app surely consumes a heavy amount of battery and it is working to fix it.

“We have heard reports of some people experiencing battery issues with our iOS app,” Facebook said to TechCrunch. “We’re looking into this and hope to have a fix in place soon.”

Switch Off Wi-Fi

Many users have a habit of keeping phone’s Wi-Fi switched on at all times to avoid the hassle of turning it on and off time to time. They do not know how serious it could be for a battery drainer. However, for iOS users it is merely a task of seconds to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the control panel and simply turn off the connection when it is not required.

Disable Bluetooth Connection

Many times users fail to understand the causes behind quick battery draining. Leaving Bluetooth connection switched on is surely one of them. Most users do not really need Bluetooth but it remains on in their phones. It is surely an easy task to check connections by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and switching it off. Another way of doing the same job is to go to the phone’s setting, click on General and set Bluetooth connection off.

If a user does not use Bluetooth feature to connect any iPhone’s accessory including earphones, speaker or the new feature called “Continutiy,” it is advisable to switch connection off.

Go Easy On 3G, 4G

Many times the user is desperate to save battery from draining but he does not seem to understand how. The easiest way of doing so is to give up on 3G or LTE 4G connection by simply switching it off. Data connection can easily be switched off in the settings of phone. The simple step to stop battery drainage is to go to settings, click on Cellular and switch cellular data off.

It is always a wise option to switch cellular data instead of keeping the phone on Airplane mode as it helps increase battery life. Putting the phone on Airplane mode switches off all possible options to contact. On the other hand, the cellular data turns off the options such as 3G, 4G, LTE and even EDGE. It is surely a way of saving a lot on battery life.

According to Apple Genius, a meter strength on an iPhone shows only the signal strength of non-data connection. It basically means the strength of 3G or LTE connection may be poor and cause the phone going into heavy search mode.

Avoid Playing High-power Games

It is certainly obvious that there are various types of games available on iPhone and users are usually tempted to play them, even many games become an addiction. It is mere evident that continuous use of phone affects battery life but the speed by which battery life decreases entirely depends on the type of app that is used.

The usage of heavy games consumes more battery than the user can expect. It surely reduces the battery a lot quicker than reading an e-book on iPhone. Games such as Letterpress may still be a better choice as they do not offer any detailed visual effects. However, the games such as CSR Racing or Clash of clans, which are filled with detailed visual effects surely result in quick loss of battery. So, if an iPhone’s battery level is already low, playing such games is surely not a good idea.

At times when the user really needs an activity but unfortunately he is low on power, using the apps such as Instapaper or Kindle can be a wise idea. Considering the minimum amount of battery these apps consume, and playing a game at the time the phone shows red signal do not seem to be a smart move regardless of how bored the user is. The games either 3D or even the simple ones should both be both avoided in such situations.

Don’t Use Vibrate Mode

It is very common to see many users opting for vibration mode over the alert mode, as it still informs them about notification or call without disturbing them. But not all users are aware of the difference between the two in terms of battery consumption. Surprisingly, vibration mode consumes much more battery life compared to the alert mode. Ringtone only makes a small membrane in the phone in order to vibrate enough to create sound whereas the vibration motor revolves a tiny weight in order to shake the whole phone, which is a bigger job compared to ringing a tone. Hence, vibration process takes a lot more power and obviously eats up the battery. In case, the user does not want to hear any sound or he is in a meeting either, the wise option is to turn off notification and leave the phone on silent. By doing so the user can always place the phone up in front to see when he has any new message or incoming call. This is surely a great way of not letting the sound disturb the user while he could still save a generous amount of battery.

Avoid Leaving Apps Running In Background

Users have showed great appreciation toward multitasking feature, even though the ability to run several apps at one time can surely be a treat. However, all these apps running together could be a major enemy to the iPhone’s battery life.

When the user usually stops using an app, he assumes the app is closed. In reality, the apps keep on running in background, affects battery and reduces its drastically. It makes an evident difference if the user kills apps after using them instead of leaving them running in background. For iPhone users, killing apps takes only few seconds. Just double tap on the home screen and the multitasking screen appears, then immediately swipe upward in order to close apps.

Reduce Camera Usage

With the increase in a trend of clicking pictures, people have started to use their phone as a primary camera. For iOS users it is not a smart move to use camera while the user does not have a way of charging phone and he is in a need of saving battery.

Clicking pictures reduces battery life but what affects the battery a lot more than taking shots is the usage of flash. Flash affects battery immediately, thus the user should avoid using flash if he wants to click more pictures without draining battery.